Mustafa Uğur

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OBJECTIVES The civil war in Syria began on 15 March 2011, and many of the injured were treated in the neighbouring country of Turkey. This study reports the surgical outcomes of this war, in a tertiary centre in Turkey. METHODS 159 patients with civilian war injuries in Syria who were admitted to the General Surgery Department in the Research and Training(More)
INTRODUCTION Surgical procedures are still the golden standard option in the treatment of liver cystic echinococcosis. However, minimal invasive technics like percutaneous drainage are rising trends. We aimed to compare the efficacy of surgical and percutaneous options in the treatment of liver hydatidosis in an endemic area. METHODS Patients who(More)
AIM To investigate the effects of discontinuing oxytocin infusion on labor outcomes once the active stage of labor is established. METHODS This is a prospective study involving 342 pregnant women who underwent labor induction at our institution. Patients were randomly divided into two groups. In the first group oxytocin was discontinued at the beginning(More)
BACKGROUND Sickle cell diseases (SCDs) are chronic inflammatory processes on capillary level. We tried to understand some possible correlations between stroke and severity of SCDs. METHODS All patients with SCDs were taken into the study. RESULTS The study included 343 patients (174 males and 169 females). There were 30 cases (8.7%) with stroke. The(More)
BACKGROUND We tried to understand whether or not there is an increased incidence of ileus in patients with sickle cell diseases (SCDs). METHODS All cases with SCDs were taken into the study. RESULTS The study included 325 patients (160 females). The mean ages were similar in both sexes (29.3 versus 29.8 years in females and males, respectively, p >(More)
Complications of Meckel’s diverticulum are seen rarely in adults. Most common complications are intestinal obstruction and diverticulitis. Obstruction caused by inversion of Meckel’s diverticulum by intestinal tract lipomas is a much more rare condition. Preoperative diagnosis is difficult due to absence of specific clinical signs. Diagnosis becomes even(More)
The scrotal bladder hernia is a rare condition that may present as scrotal swelling and urinary system obstruction or infection symptoms. Diagnosis of this condition before the operation decreases the severe complications like bladder injury during operation. In this article, a 75-year-old man presented to our clinic with right inguinal swelling and lower(More)
BACKGROUND Transport of casualties from a combat area to a fully equipped hospital where all techniques of damage control surgery (DCS) can be performed requires a great deal of time. Therefore, prior to transport, prompt control of hemorrhage and contamination should be achieved, and resuscitative procedures should be performed at the nearest health(More)
BACKGROUND We tried to understand whether or not there are lowered prevalences of terminal consequences of sickle cell diseases (SCDs) with tonsilectomy. METHODS All cases with SCDs were taken into the study. RESULTS The study included 334 patients (164 females). There were 27 cases with tonsilectomy and 307 cases without. The mean ages, female ratios,(More)