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The aim of this study was to observe the cytotoxicity and apoptotic effects of nickel oxide nanoparticles on human cervix epithelioid carcinoma cell line (HeLa). Nickel oxide precursors were synthesized by an nickel sulphate-excess urea reaction in boiling aqueous solution. The synthesized NiO nanoparticles (<200 nm) were investigated by X-ray diffraction(More)
In this paper, we have designed and proposed a new improved Logistic map (ILM) which enhances the performance of the standard Logistic map (SLM) in terms of higher Lyapunov exponent and steady chaotic behavior. In standard map, the control parameter is limited and should be close to 4 to exhibit chaos. Additionally, in some specific region called as islands(More)
In this study, the number of chaotic attractors only accepts as input parameter and a Matlab/Simulink model is developed for 5-10 multi-scroll chaotic attractor behaviors. In the model, as possible as simple Simulink blocks used and contained within MATLAB compiled by HDL Coder were seen to be the creation of VHDL code. In the model, to create the number of(More)
Article history: Available online xxxx a b s t r a c t Having a direct effect on network lifetime, balanced energy consumption is one of the key challenges in wireless networks. In this paper, we investigate the effects of node mobility on energy balancing in wireless networks. We construct a Linear Programming (LP) framework that jointly captures data(More)
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