Mustafa Tolga Eren

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Purpose. Fournier's gangrene is a fulminant and destructive inflammation of the scrotum, penis, and perineum. The objective of this study was to compare 2 different approaches to wound management after aggressive surgical debridement. Methods. Data from 14 patients with Fournier's gangrene were retrospectively collected (2005-2011). Once the patients were(More)
— Many professional tasks such as geographic or archaeological surveying require editing and processing spatial data. User generated models act as an underlying level for visualizing annotations. For accurate and fast placement of annotations in the field we introduce a mobile modelling workflow. Our contribution includes i) a novel annotation technique(More)
This paper presents a method for physical simulation of deformable closed surfaces over a network, which is suitable for realistic interactions between users and objects in a collaborative virtual environment (CVE). CVE's are being extensively used for training, design and gaming for several years. To demonstrate a deformable object in a CVE, we employ a(More)
Turkish Wikipedia Named-Entity Recognition and Text Categorization (TWNERTC) dataset is a collection of automatically categorized and annotated sentences obtained from Wikipedia. We constructed large-scale gazetteers by using a graph crawler algorithm to extract relevant entity and domain information from a semantic knowledge base, Free-base 1. The(More)
This paper investigates depth judgment-related performances of X-ray visualization techniques for rendering fully occluded geometries in augmented reality. The techniques we selected for this evaluation are careless overlay (CO), edge overlay (EO), excavation box (EB) and a cross-sectional visualization technique (CS). We have designed and conducted a(More)
Web content nowadays can also be accessed through new generation of Internet connected TVs. However, these products failed to change users’ behavior when consuming online content. Users still prefer personal computers to access Web content. Certainly, most of the online content is still designed to be accessed by personal computers or mobile devices. In(More)
Agglutinative languages such as Turkish, Finnish and Hungarian require morphological disambiguation before further processing due to the complex morphology of words. A morphological disambiguator is used to select the correct morphological analysis of a word. Morphological disambiguation is important because it generally is one of the first steps of natural(More)
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