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In this study, we consider the challenge of estimation of fading coefficients for uncorrelated sources in the presence of multipath propagation. The combination of Joint Approximate Diagonalization of Eigenmatrices (JADE) and some well-known high-resolution algorithms such as Multiple Signal Classification (MUSIC), Minimum norm (Min-norm) and Modified(More)
— This paper considers the implementation of smart antenna system under multipath propagation. Here, it is considered different non-coherent signal groups each containing direct and multipath signals. The direction of arrival (DOA) of all the signals in each group is estimated using Minimum Variance Distortionless Response (MVDR) in conjunction with joint(More)
The aim of this paper is to apply an electromagnetic target recognition method, which is based on the use of fused MUSIC spectrum matrices, to the case of incomplete frequency domain data. The aforementioned method was suggested recently and succesfully applied to both canonical and complicated targets in the presence of complete frequency domain data [1].(More)
In this paper, we work on the electromagnetic target recognition problem based on the scattered field measurements. These measurements were obtained both in frequency and time domains by using two 0.8-12 GHz horn antennas in bistatic position and HP8720D vector network analyzer. First, the theory of electromagnetic scattering from a target and singularity(More)
The study demonstrates the metamaterial characteristics of the arrays containing dielectric resonators by evaluating the permittivity and permeability coefficients of the array structures in rectangular waveguide and free space. For this purpose, the array with two closely spaced dielectric resonators is setup and placed both in a rectangular waveguide and(More)
In this paper, an active noise cancellation system to decrease the motor noise arriving to car driver is proposed. This system can be considered as a feedforward control system since it enables taking motor noise as the reference signal. The coefficients of adaptive filters in this structure are obtained with LMS (Least Mean Square) algorithm. In this(More)
This study describes about a Ku-band antenna with almost circular polarization in omnidirectional azimuth direction. The antenna structure contains two sections of inclined slotted array on a circular waveguide, and the waveguide is terminated with a matched load. The structure is fed a rectangular waveguide and a rectangular-to-circular waveguide(More)
This paper is a work about the importance of wide frequency deviation, Deltaf, in linear FMCW radar applications and the design and measurement results of the antenna thought to be suitable for these applications. First, working principle of linear FMCW radar is briefly told. Afterwards, it will be mentioned about the benefits of choosing high frequency(More)