Mustafa Safdari

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The bag-of-visual-words (BoVW) method with construction of a single dictionary of visual words has been used previously for a variety of classification tasks in medical imaging, including the diagnosis of liver lesions. In this paper, we describe a novel method for automated diagnosis of liver lesions in portal-phase computed tomography (CT) images that(More)
This paper presents a new rate adaptive resource allocation technique for multiuser orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems. We optimize both bit and subcarrier allocation by considering rate maximization and total power constraint satisfaction. We solve them effectively by combining them into a multi-objective optimization problem. We(More)
In this paper we explore the use of metaheuristic functions, namely Genetic Algorithms to construct Universal Hash Functions to efficiently hash a given set of keys. The Hash Functions generated in this way should give lesser number of collisions as compared to selecting them randomly from a family of Universal Hash Functions. Simulations and tests(More)
In this paper 802.11 wireless peer-peer network is evaluated for both IPv4 and IPv6 in Windows 7 and Fedora 12 operating systems. IPv4 has higher throughput than IPv6 for all packet sizes for both Windows 7 and Fedora 12 operating systems. Results further indicate that implementing WPA2 wireless security reduces bandwidth and increase delay in wireless(More)
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