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Cellular Neural Networks (CNN) having parallel processing capabilities present important advantages in image processing applications. The coefficients of the template matrices and the threshold values of CNN should be optimized to obtain the desired output image. The learning algorithms designed for classical feed forward neural networks are not suitable(More)
The rolling element bearing is a key part in many mechanical facilities and the diagnosis of its faults is very important in the field of predictive maintenance. Till date, the resonant demodulation technique (envelope analysis) has been widely exploited in practice. In complex machines, the vibration generated by a component is easily affected by the(More)
Combining all image pieces which are randomly scattered to reconstruct the initial (original) image takes so much time. For instance, combining the all image pieces used in tiling is a tedious and time consuming task. For this purpose, the hardness of the task is able to be decreased and the task duration is able to be shortened using the developed image(More)
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