Mustafa Mahdi Ali

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Three organotin complexes containing furosemide as a ligand (L), Ph₃SnL, Me₂SnL₂ and Bu₂SnL₂, were synthesized and characterized. Octahedral geometry was proposed for the Me₂SnL₂ and Bu₂SnL₂, while the Ph₃SnL complex has trigonal bipyramid geometry. The synthesized organotin complexes (0.5% by weight) were used as additives to improve the photostability of(More)
Dedication I dedicate this work to my mother, my father, and my country (Iraq). IV ACKNOWLEDGMENT First, I am indebted in my work to almighty Allah, who has enabled me to complete my work on this thesis, and delight my way every moment on my life. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisor Dr. Haytham Bany Salameh for the continuous(More)
The objective of this report is to document progress since IWTC-VI in this thematic area from experimental, observational, empirical, theoretical, and numerical perspectives. The report benefits from the recently published Book Chapter entitled Air-Sea Interactions In Tropical Cyclones (Shay 2010) in the second edition of the Global Perspectives of Tropical(More)
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