Mustafa M. Nasr

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Protein histidine kinase was prepared from whole cell extracts of the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The enzyme was assayed using either histone H4 or a synthetic peptide corresponding to residues 70 to 102 of histone H4 as an in vitro substrate. With either substrate, both genistein and its solvent, dimethyl sulfoxide (Me2SO), inhibited protein histidine(More)
Stable isotopic characterization or "fingerprinting" of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) is a highly-specific means of defining the provenance of these pharmaceutical materials. The isotopic analysts in this study were provided with 20 blind samples of four APIs (tropicamide, hydrocortisone, quinine HCL, and tryptophan) from one-to-five production(More)
In vitroantimicrobial activity, DNA cleavage, anti-diabetic, antioxidant, anti-inflammotary and antihaemolytic of some synthesized Metallocephradines and Metallocefepimes were examined. In a broadspectrum of antibacterial and antifungal property, it was found that nickel (1:1) and copper (1:2) complexes were more active than cephradine against all tested(More)
The combination of chiral ligand exchange on Cu(II) complexes in aqueous base with circular dichroism spectropolarimetric detection provides excellent avenues to validate the chirality properties of oligopeptides and proteins. The method is quick and simple and has the potential for development into an automated, routine procedure for quality control(More)
The harmful health effects of nicotine, carbon monoxide and other noxious gases due to tobacco smoke are well known. However there is no systematic study reported regarding the detection of heavy and trace metals such as cadmium, lead, arsenic present in the periodontium due to heavy tobacco smoking. Hence there is high demand to develop a reliable, fast(More)
Due to the increasing use of brittle and nonconductive materials such as optical glass BK7 in optical industry, there is a need to control the processing parameters to improve the quality of the machined components and reduce the machining time and cost. However, manufacturing requires reliable models for predicting of machining performance of rotary(More)
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