Mustafa Korkmaz

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Let S be either a sphere with 5 punctures or a torus with 3 punctures. We prove that the automorphism group of the complex of curves of S is isomorphic to the extended mapping class group M S. As applications we prove that surfaces of genus 1 are determined by their complexes of curves, and any isomorphism between two subgroups of M S of nite index is the(More)
We construct examples of Lefschetz fibrations with prescribed singular fibers. By taking differences of pairs of such fibrations with the same singular fibers, we obtain new examples of surface bundles over surfaces with non-zero signature. From these we derive new upper bounds for the minimal genus of a surface representing a given element in the second(More)
In this paper we construct a faithful representation of the mapping class group of the genus two surface into a group of matrices over the complex numbers. Our starting point is the Lawrence-Krammer representation of the braid group B n , which was shown to be faithful by Bigelow and Krammer. We obtain a faithful representation of the mapping class group of(More)
The use of gamma rays for the sterilization of pharmaceutical raw materials and dosage forms is an alternative method for sterilization. However, one of the major problems of the radiosterilization is the production of new radiolytic products during the irradiation process. Therefore, the principal problem in radiosterilization is to determine and to(More)
S. Bigelow proved that the braid groups are linear. That is, there is a faithful representation of the braid group into the general linear group of some field. Using this, we deduce from previously known results that the mapping class group of a sphere with punctures and hyperelliptic mapping class groups are linear. In particular, the mapping class group(More)