Mustafa Kemal Karaosmanoglu

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Turkish makam music needs a comprehensive database for public consumption, to be used in MIR. This article introduces SymbTr, a Turkish Makam Music Symbolic Representation Database, aimed at filling this void. SymbTr consists of musical information in text, PDF, and MIDI formats. Raw data, drawn from reliable sources, and consisting of 1,700 musical pieces(More)
This study presents an automatic transcription system for Turkish music for the first time in literature. We first discuss the characteristics of Turkish music that are taken into consideration in the design of the system. Then, the following signal processing components of the system are described briefly in relation to each other and explaining their(More)
In the present study, bone carbonic anhydrase was isolated from ancient human bones and its characteristic features were determined. For this purpose, the skull bone of about 3000 years age was used. The purification was performed in four steps. Four different isoenzymes of CA, including outer peripheral, inner peripheral, integral, and cytosolic were(More)
This work studies the effect of different score representations and the potential of n-grams in makam classification for traditional makam music in Turkey. While makams are defined with various characteristics including a distinct set of pitches, pitch hierarchy, melodic direction, typical phrases and typical makam transitions, such characteristics result(More)
Automatic melodic segmentation is one of the important steps in computational analysis of melodic content from symbolic data. This widely studied research problem has been very rarely considered for Turkish makam music. In this paper we first present test results for state-of-the-art techniques from literature on Turkish makam music data. Then, we present a(More)
This study discusses differences between Turkish music and Western music from an information retrieval perspective. It proposes use of frequency histograms for various music information retrieval applications: automatic tonic detection, makam classification, tuning analysis, theory-practice mismatch measurement. It announces a Matlab toolbox: Makam Toolbox(More)
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