Mustafa Ilkan

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Considering the noticeable attraction of users to social networking sites, lots of research has been carried out to take advantage of the users’ information available in these sites. Knowledge mining techniques have been developed in order to extract valuable pieces of information from the users’ activities. This paper deals with a(More)
Social Networking sites are a rage in today’s world. Its importance has transcended the sole purpose of keeping in touch. In the quest of outweighing their contemporaries, social networking websites in today’s world needs to incorporate new and interesting features to have an edge. Data Mining plays an important role in providing many such features. The(More)
A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a temporary collection of mobile nodes randomly moved within a limited terrain area. The nodes are connected to form a wireless network without use any communication infrastructure. Because of the limiting resources of MANET nodes, multiple hops scheme is proposed for data exchange across the network. Varieties of mobile(More)
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