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Bangladesh has just joined the SEA-ME-WE-4 submarine cable network consortium. The 10 Gbs bandwidth of this network is expected to serve Bangladesh's needs. Bangladesh having a submarine connectivity internationally will open a new era of communications. Telecommunications Infrastructure requires both backbone network and the last-mile access for enabling a(More)
Software model checking and static analysis have matured over the last decade, enabling their use in automated software verification. However, lack of scalability makes these tools hard to apply in industry practice. Furthermore, approximations in the models of program and environment lead to a profusion of false alarms. This paper proposes DC2, a(More)
Automated patient monitoring systems suffer from several design problems. Among them, alarm fatigue is one of the most critical issues, as evidenced by the Sentinel Event Alert that The Joint Commission – the U.S. hospital-accrediting body – recently issued. In this study, we explore fast-andfrugal heuristics that may be used to prioritize patient alarms,(More)
Knowledge gap among the rural poor farmers is one of the key constraints to the growth of the overall agricultural sector of Bangladesh. To overcome the above key constraint, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can be synthesized with the Agricultural Technology directly through establishing the modern "Agro Call Center". But herein(More)
Inhibited information flow in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) can degrade patient wellbeing and expose hospital staff to hazardous conditions. To identify areas for improvement, we applied the Distributed Cognition for Teamwork (DiCoT) methodology and representational framework in a large hospital in the Southeastern US. We conducted ethnographic observations(More)
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) holds the potential to open domains to distributed data acquisition. Minimizing the consumption of energy in a wireless sensor network application is crucial for effective realization of the intended application in terms of cost, li fetime and functionality. In this paper, we have tried to find out the average lifetime of the(More)
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