Mustafa H. Mohammed

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— Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer diseases among women and the second leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. Early detection is a key factor to a successful cancer treatment. Currently, the most common method for breast cancer screening is the X-ray mammography due to its simplicity, portability and cost effectiveness. The aim of(More)
Tourniquets are commonly used in penile surgery to achieve a bloodless operating field or produce artificial erections intraoperatively. Several techniques have been described, but there is a paucity of data and a lack of guidelines to direct their safe use. In penile surgery, it is the local rather than systemic effects of tourniquet use that are the main(More)
OBJECTIVES To review the published cases of leiomyosarcoma of the urinary bladder and to report two further cases. METHODS The databases Pubmed and Hinari were searched using the keywords 'bladder', 'leiomyosarcoma' and 'smooth muscle neoplasm'. The 14 articles identified were reviewed, and we present a further two cases. RESULTS Of more than 100 cases(More)
OBJECTIVES To review the few published cases of prostatic calculi, a rare condition in children, and to report three further cases. METHODS The databases PUBMED and HINARI were searched using the keywords 'childhood' and 'prostatic calculi'; the search included reports from 1956 to the present. Further cases from three families with children having(More)
Many factors are associated with long sick leaves and therefore, reliance solely on disease-related factors can potentially underestimate sick leave durations. Here, we wanted to assess the association between the injury sites, work-related factors, and the length of sick leaves. Comprehensive medical legal reports of workers with pure minor musculoskeletal(More)
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