Mustafa Fadzil Farid Wajidi

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This paper is to study and identify suitable algorithm that use in searching regulatory element where PhyloCon algorithm is one of the algorithms. Since PhyloCon has complexity limitation, the time performance is reduced. Therefore, a parallel technique is identified to improve performance of PhyloCon algorithm. The identified parallel technique is(More)
Septins belong to GTPases that are involved in vital cellular activities, including cytokinesis. Although present in many organisms, they are yet to be isolated from Aedes albopictus. This study reports for the first time on a serendipitous isolation of a partial septin sequence from Ae. albopictus and its developmental expression profile. The Ae.(More)
Glutathione S-transferase (GST) from the 4th instar larvae of the dengue vector Aedes albopictus was purified by glutathione-agarose affinity chromatography and characterised using SDS-PAGE. The expression of the purified enzyme in the life stages and insecticide treated populations of Ae. albopictus as well as its cross-reactivity with larval GST of two(More)
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