Mustafa Erkan Sarı

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Sclerosing stromal tumour (SST) of the ovary is a rare, benign tumour of the ovary, distinct from thecoma-fibroma group of tumours because of predominant occurrence below 30 years of age, lack of hormonal manifestations and histologic heterogenity. A case of 17-year-old female patient is described in the present article. The differential diagnosis is also(More)
OBJECTIVE We compared the effects of 2 sedative drugs, dexmedetomidine and midazolam, on motor performance and analgesic efficacy in a rat model. MATERIALS AND METHODS Rats were randomly divided into the following 4 groups on the basis of the treatment received. The first group received 83 µg/kg/min midazolam; the second, 1 µg/kg/min dexmedetomidine; the(More)
Tethya citrina is an oviparous demosponge in which eggs are distributed in clumps within the choanosome. The cytoplasm of the mature egg presents a peripheral cortex consisting of a slightly granular layer sandwiched between two densely granular, vesiculated ones. The cortex probably has a specialized, trophic function. Mesohyl bacteria are phagocyted at(More)
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