Mustafa Ergin Sahin

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In this paper, a fuzzy logic controlled buck-boost DC-DC converter powered by Photo Voltaic (PV) for Battery-Load system is presented. General design of the converter-load system is performed using Matlab/Simulink. In the FLC, different fuzzy membership functions are used and the results are compared with each other. The complete converter-load system has(More)
In this paper, a Fuzzy Logic Controlled (FLC) buck-boost DC-DC converter for solar energy-battery systems is presented. General design of a fuzzy logic controller (FLC), based on Matlab/Simulink is performed. This design compared with Proportional Integrated (PI) controller. The complete control system has been developed, analyzed, and validated by(More)
The paper presents a novel photo-voltaic PV powered battery charging station. The flexible scheme developed by the first Author is controlled by a FACTS-based Green Plug-Filter Compensator GPFC to ensure efficient utilization and DC-common bus stabilization. The multi-regulator multi-loop error driven modified PID-controller ensures efficient fast charging(More)
This paper addresses several important issues regarding the operation of switched and adaptive beamforming techniques. The performances of these techniques are compared using arrays that employ various numbers of directional antenna elements. The effect of misalignment between the direction of arrival of the incoming signal and the receiver beam-pattern is(More)
In this study small signal analyses of a buck boost converter for a renewable energy applications is performed and hardware implementation is realized. State equations are solved for different study conditions and transfer function of uncontrolled system is obtained for stability analyses. Experimental hardware of buck boost converter realized with a MOSFET(More)
Fractional Frequency Reuse is an interference mitigation technique well suited for OFDMA system where the cell region is partitioned into two: inner cell region and outer cell region. In this paper we proposed an interference mitigation technique in LTE OFDMA femtocell system using Fractional Frequency Reuse (FFR) also system in order to improve performance(More)
In this paper, sliding mode controlled Buck-Boost DC/DC converter powered by Photovoltaic (PV) module for battery charge system is given. The general design of the system is simulated using the Matlab/Simulink software and performed experimentally using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and necessary circuits. The sliding mode control is realized based on the(More)
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