Mustafa Eren Celik

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High-performance computing that involves superconducting digital circuits is one of the promising technologies. A number of groups have already demonstrated working prototypes of CPUs or ALUs. However, one of the bottlenecks of these circuits is that it is very difficult to have large memories with very high speed and low-power consumption. One of the(More)
Rapid single flux quantum technology is one of the most promising developments for future high-speed microprocessors, network routers, and analog-to-digital converters. This technology is based on well-timed signals and fast signal transmission. However, as the complexity of the circuits or the operating frequency of these signals increase, it becomes(More)
Todays superconductor integrated circuits are increasingly taking part in various fields, such as processors, detector read-out systems and communication systems. As the circuit complexities increase, importance of robust and practical simulation software increases. However, at the moment, the tools used for circuit design are mostly made up by modifying(More)
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