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The efficacy and tolerability of bevacizumab every 2 or 4 weeks using the same dosage in combination with biweekly FOLFIRI were retrospectively evaluated in metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) patients in the first-line and second-line therapy. A total of 332 patients from six centers were evaluated. The patients had received biweekly FOLFIRI in combination(More)
INTRODUCTION One of the most common and important side effects of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) is mucositis with ulcerations in the oral cavity. We investigated the effects of local cryotherapy on mucositis incidence administrated durng 5-FU treatment. METHODS In a total of 99 courses, 5-FU and folinic acid combination chemotherapy was given to 40 patients. In(More)
The aim of this study was to examine the effect of being overweight on survival in patients with gastric cancer undergoing adjuvant chemoradiotherapy and chemotherapy. In this study 152 patients were evaluated. Radiotherapy dose was 45 Gy given in 5 weeks. 5-FU 425 mg/m(2) and folinic acid 20 mg/m(2) were administered weekly during the radiotherapy and four(More)
Complete resection of liver metastasis may provide long term survival in patients with colorectal cancer. Increased number of studies on successful resection after neoadjuvant chemotherapy with initially unresectable liver metastasis has been reported. We evaluated retrospectively the results of 35 patients with unresectable liver only metastases from(More)
BACKGROUND We aimed to evaluate the effect of prophylactic nebivolol use on prevention of antracycline-induced cardiotoxicity in breast cancer patients. METHODS In this small, prospective, double-blind study, we randomly assigned 45 consecutive patients with breast cancer and planned chemotheraphy to receive nebivolol 5mg daily (n=27) or placebo (n=18).(More)
BACKGROUND Endometrium cancer is the fourth most frequent malignancy in women. However, skin metastasis from endometrium cancer is a very rare entity. CASE A 58-year-old multiparous woman postmenopausal for ten years presented with multiple metastatic, nodular, hemorrhagic skin lesions located at the initial surgery and radiotherapy site 14 months after(More)
PURPOSE D-dimer, LDH and tumor markers are usually overexpressed in colorectal carcinomas (CRC). Our purpose was to assess the prognostic role of D-dimer, lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), CEA, CA19-9 and CA72-4 in patients with metastatic CRC treated with XELOX chemotherapy. METHODS Thirty-eight CRC patients who had evidence of distant metastasis were(More)
BACKGROUND Docetaxel and cisplatin in combination with fluorouracil (DCF) regimen is accepted to be one of the standard regimens in the treatment of advanced gastric cancer. However, substantial toxicity has limited its use in daily clinical practice. Therefore, modification of DCF regimens, including introduction of capecitabine has been investigated to(More)
The objective of this study was to analyze the genotype distributions and allele frequencies for ROCK2 Thr431Asn and Arg83Lys polymorphisms among breast cancer patients. In this case-control study, 223 patients with breast cancer were recruited and divided into two groups according to metastases (n = 128) and without metastases (n = 95). Genomic DNA from(More)