Mustafa Burunkaya

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Relative humidity levels of an incubator were measured and controlled. An ultrasonic nebulizer system as an active humidifier was used to humidify the incubator environment. An integrated circuit-type humidity sensor was used to measure the humidity level of the incubator environment. Measurement and control processes were achieved by a PIC microcontroller.(More)
In this work, a digital signal peripheral interface controller (dsPIC) based repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulator (rTMS) was designed and tested under low voltages. In addition, some limited knowledge of TMS, especially design parameters and notions concerned with it, also were investigated. The reason employing the dsPIC in the design is that design(More)
In this paper, a remote-controlled and microcontroller-based cradle is designed and constructed. This system is also called Remote Control of Microcontroller-Based Infant Stimulation System or the RECOMBIS System. Cradle is an infant stimulating system that provides relaxation and sleeping for the baby. RECOMBIS system is designed for healthy full-term(More)
Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) draw considerable interests for their specifications as low sizes, easy mounting, remote sensing, sufficient to sense more than one or more parameters in the same line and low cost when used several. The main specification of FBG is that they reflect measured parameter directly and linearly in the centre Bragg wavelength. In this(More)
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