Mustafa Bugra Ozcan

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In spite of its outstanding spatial resolution, the biological resolution of functional MRI may be worse because it depends on the vascular architecture of the brain. Here, we compared the activation patterns of the secondary somatosensory and parietal ventral cortex (SII/PV) with that of the primary auditory cortex and adjacent areas (AI/AII). These two(More)
Two experiments were performed to replicate the results of Ilan and Miller that response selection but no response-hand specific preparation is present during memory scanning. Letter-case determined which hand would respond, while memory set membership status determined whether the response was to be executed (go) or withheld (nogo). In Exp. 1, the LRP was(More)
This paper describes a research project whose aim is the use of requirements visualisation techniques in the construction of an environment for the reverse engineering of validated formal specifications from rapid prototypes. The work will build on established research by the proposers in the animation of model-based and algebraic formal specifications.The(More)
For the purpose of increasing the undergraduate student interest in and knowledge of radar, a 2.4 GHz FMCW MIT Coffee Can radar was built by 2<sup>nd</sup> and 3<sup>rd</sup> year undergraduates in the TOBB ETU&#x0308; Radar Systems Laboratory, and used for target detection and ranging. The radar was constructed both on a protoboard and on a printed circuit(More)
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