Mustafa Bozkurt

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Runtime testing cost caused by service invocations is considered as one of the major limitations in Service-centric System Testing (ScST). Unfortunately, most of the existing work cannot achieve cost reduction at runtime as they perform offline testing. In this paper, we introduce a novel cost-aware pareto optimal test suite minimisation approach for ScST(More)
UNLABELLED Approximately 10%-20% of all systemic lymphomas have central nervous system (CNS) involvement, which has been correlated to a worsened prognosis. It is well known that secondary involvement of the adrenal glands may occur in up to 25% of patients during the course of diffuse lymphoma. Primary adrenal lymphoma (PAL), however, is a different(More)
Although gynecomastia is a well-defined paraneoplastic syndrome in patients with non-small cell lung cancer, the association with pleomorphic carcinoma has not been reported. A 50-yr-old man presented with bilateral gynecomastia and elevated serum beta-human chorionic gonadotropin (βhCG) level. Chest tomography showed a mass in the right middle lobe. Right(More)