Mustafa Akan

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We consider optimal pricing to consumers who are privately informed about both their valuations for the product and when they learn their valuations. Initially, consumers have private information about the distribution of their valuations and when they will learn their valuations, and over time, consumers privately learn their valuations. Because of its(More)
We consider the problem of designing an efficient liver allocation system for allocating donated organs to patients waiting for transplantation, the only viable treatment for end-stage liver disease. Given the scarcity of available organs relative to the number of patients waiting for transplantation, we model the system as a multiclass fluid model of(More)
We consider a contracting problem in which a …rm outsources its call center operations to a service provider. The outsourcing …rm (which we term the originator) has private information regarding the rate of incoming calls. The per-call revenue (or margin) earned by the …rm and the service level depend on the sta¢ ng decisions by the service provider.(More)
The Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange (PAE) helps case workers who represent children in state custody by recommending prospective families for adoption. We describe PAE's operational challenges using case worker surveys and analyze child outcomes through a regression analysis of data collected over multiple years. A match recommendation spreadsheet tool(More)
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