Mustafa A. Khan

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End-System multicasting (ESM) is a promising application-layer scheme that has been recently proposed for implementing multicast routing in the application layer as a practical alternative to the IP multicasting. Moreover, ESM is an efficient application layer solution where all the multicast functionality is shifted to the end users. However, the(More)
This paper presents a solution to resolve the interference problems between the Wi-Fi™ and Bluetooth™ wireless technologies. A new channel selecting approach is being used to select the frequency channel. The signal strength in a channel is assessed, and that value is used to select the channels to send data without interference. Thus we are(More)
The capacity of mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is typically determined by the size of network, routing protocol, mobility and the interactions that occur between the nodes. Moreover, these critical parameters cause the loss rate that has severed impact on the performance of the MANET. This situation even becomes worst when these critical parameters are(More)
Extensive studies have been carried out for reducing the handover time of wireless network at medium access layer (MAC). However, none of them depicts the impact of reduced handover time on the overall performance of wireless networks. This paper presents the methodology that can be used to effectively reduce the handover time. Our proposed model(More)
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