Mustafa A. Ghazi

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Crawling is a fundamental skill linked to development far beyond simple mobility. Infants who have cerebral palsy and similar conditions learn to crawl late, if at all; pushing back other elements of their development. This paper describes the development of a robot (the Self-Initiated Prone Progression Crawler v3, or SIPPC3) that assists infants in(More)
This work is part of an ongoing effort to explore a new mode of intervention for children at risk of cerebral palsy. The intervention uses an autonomous mobile robot that recognizes crawling like movements to respond to the infant. We propose a new system to capture crawling motions of infants. Our methodology involves placing planar marker patterns on the(More)
A teacher from the International Islamic University in Islamabad, Pakistan, provides his views on family planning (FP) and population control among Muslims. Many scholars believe that FP is against Islamic teachings. This position is taken because many view the Prophet as not objecting to contraception but never encouraging mass population control. The(More)
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