Mustafa Ç. Pinar

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Motivated by telecommunications applications we investigate the minimum spanning tree problem where edge costs are interval numbers. Since minimum spanning trees depend on the realization of the edge costs, we de5ne the robust spanning tree problem to hedge against the worst case contingency, and present a mixed integer programming formulation of the(More)
We investigate a network design problem under traffic uncertainty which arises when provisioning Virtual Private Networks (VPNs): given a set of terminals that must communicate with one another, and a set of possible traffic matrices, sufficient capacity has to be reserved on the links of the large underlying public network so as to support all possible(More)
Coarse grain parallelism inherent in the solution of Linear Programming LP problems with block angular constraint matrices has been exploited in recent research works However these approaches su er from unscalability and load imbalance since they exploit only the exist ing block angular structure of the LP constraint matrix In this paper we consider(More)
A novel approach is proposed to provide robust and accurate estimates for linear regression problems when both the measurement vector and the coefficient matrix are structured and subject to errors or uncertainty. A new analytic formulation is developed in terms of the gradient flow of the residual norm to analyze and provide estimates to the regression.(More)
This paper proposes a constrained nonlinear programming view of generalized autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity (GARCH) volatility estimation models in financial econometrics. These models are usually presented to the reader as unconstrained optimization models with recursive terms in the literature, whereas they actually fall into the domain of(More)
In a recent paper by Chen and Mangasarian (C. Chen, O.L. Mangasarian, A class of smoothing functions for nonlinear and mixed complementarity problems, Computational Optimization and Applications 2 (1996), 97±138) a class of parametric smoothing functions has been proposed to approximate the plus function present in many optimization and complementarity(More)
W consider the network loading problem (NLP) under a polyhedral uncertainty description of traffic demands. After giving a compact multicommodity flow formulation of the problem, we state a decomposition property obtained from projecting out the flow variables. This property considerably simplifies the resulting polyhedral analysis and computations by doing(More)