Mussa Mahmud

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Stimulus evoked field potentials are commonly used in studying sensory systems. But, the stimulus induced signals are often contaminated by stimulus artifacts. Especially, microstimulation greatly affects the recorded field potentials. In this paper, we present a novel technique capable of removing the microstimulation induced stimulus artifacts from the(More)
Rodents explore the environment, perform object localization, texture and shape discriminations precisely through whisking. Microcircuits in the corresponding barrel columns get activated to segregate and integrate the tactile information generated during whisking through the information processing pathway. While the sensory signals propagate, different(More)
Bone fractures caused by the osteoporosis become major problem of public health, and therefore, this subject becomes an increasingly important goal for both clinicians and biomedical researchers. The clinical implementation of three dimensional Computed Tomography Finite Element (3D CT/FE) methods is still limited due to the requirement of expensive(More)
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