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The objective of the present investigation was to develop a bilayer-floating tablet (BFT) for captopril using direct compression technology. HPMC, K-grade and effervescent mixture of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate formed the floating layer. The release layer contained captopril and various polymers such as HPMC-K15M, PVP-K30 and Carbopol 934p, alone or(More)
The present study was aimed to investigate and compare the efficacy of duloxetine (DLX) loaded nanostructured lipid carriers (NLC) with DLX solution pharmacodynamically following intranasal administration. The study was further conducted to estimate DLX concentration in brain and blood. DLX was administered to albino Wistar rats either intranasally or(More)
An acid buffering bioadhesive vaginal (ABBV) gel was developed for the treatment of mixed vaginal infections. Different bioadhesive polymers were evaluated on the basis of their bioadhesive strength, stability and drug release properties. Bioadhesion and release studies showed that guar gum, xanthan gum and hydroxypropyl methylcelullose K4M formed a good(More)
Homeless is the condition of the people who are unwilling to maintain regular and adequate housing in both developed and developing countries. Present work was attempted with the objectives to address socioeconomic conditions of the homeless people and identify the problem with respect to the homelessness at Mekelle city. On basis of random sampling four(More)
Fulvic acid is a polymer that acts as a carrier to a number of drugs by its great complexing ability, thereby augmenting their bioavailability. Conventional procedure of extraction is available, but it involves long extraction times and a number of rudimentary steps. The purpose of this study was to overcome this issue. The extraction of fulvic acid was(More)
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