Musbah Abdulgader

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Security for Pebble Watch is necessary. The lack of security and efficient connection leads to major attacks. In this paper, we introduce a two way authentication process to improve the pebble watch security. This two way authentication uses a secured Bluetooth pairing. The main aim of this paper is to find the major factors which are attacking pebble and(More)
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) are of paramount significance since they are responsible for maintaining the routes in the network, data forwarding, and ensuring reliable multi-hop communication. The main requirement of a wireless sensor network is to prolong network energy efficiency and lifetime. Researchers have developed protocols Low Energy Adaptive(More)
Wireless sensor networks are one of the fast growing technologies in communication field, because of their compact size and ability to work in rugged conditions where human reach is not possible. This paper discusses about H-LEACH, which is used to solve problems of energy considerations while electing a channel head. H-LEACH considers residual and maximum(More)
With the emergence of advanced technology, the need for improving the energy has been of paramount significance, especially in the area of wireless sensor network. The most of the energy consumed in the sensor node caused by transceiver. The efficient Medium Access Control protocol can reduce an additional energy consumption of transceiver. In this paper,(More)
Advancement of electronic media not only improved our living standard, but created several amenities that makes work bit easier. On the other hand, media faces several challenges. Biometric systems are promising technology with accurate data and secure features. However, many existing Biometric systems based on a single authentication process have higher(More)
In this paper, a new swarm intelligence based algorithm called Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO), mimicking the social hierarchy and hunting behavior of grey wolves, is used to optimally schedule the operation of Energy Storage Unit (ESU) in smart homes. The aim is to reduce the cost of power consumption and balance the load on the power grid. This is achieved by(More)
To use the manifold possibilities that arc spraying offers to deposit wear resistance layers, the knowledge of the particle formation and their characteristics are necessary. The work is focused on studying the particle trajectories during arc spraying with cored wires. Different cored wires under various spraying parameters are investigated by means of a(More)
Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) protocol, along with collision detection in wired communication, helps in further increasing the efficiency of channel usage. It helps in terminating its transmission over the channel immediately once collision is detected, releasing the channel for other useful transmissions. Whereas in wireless communication, the(More)
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