Musawir A. Shah

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In this paper, we present a simple and practical technique for real-time rendering of caustics from reflective and refractive objects. Our algorithm, conceptually similar to shadow mapping, consists of two main parts: creation of a caustic map texture, and utilization of the map to render caustics onto nonshiny surfaces. Our approach avoids performing any(More)
The authors present an algorithm for real-time realistic rendering of translucent materials such as marble, wax, and milk. Their method captures subsurface scattering effects while maintaining interactive frame rates. The main idea of this work is that it employs the dipole diffusion model with a splatting approach to evaluate the integral over the surface(More)
The absence of accurately rendered grass in real-time applications such as games and simulation systems can be directly attributed to the massive amounts of geometry required to model grass patches. This in turn is responsible for the drastic increase in the computational complexity of light transport for global illumination. Our work attempts to fill the(More)
Rendering of natural scenes has interested the scientific community for a long time due to its numerous applications. The targeted goal is to create images that are similar to what a viewer can see in real life with his/her eyes. The main obstacle is complexity: nature scenes from real life contain a huge number of small details that are hard to model, take(More)
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