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BACKGROUND This prospective randomized study aimed to evaluate the surgical outcomes of single-incision laparoscopic appendectomy (SILA) comparing with open appendectomy (OA) and standard 3-port laparoscopic appendectomy (SLA) in the treatment of acute appendicitis (AA). METHODS Adult patients older than 18 years presenting with AA were randomized into 3(More)
Although pilonidal disease is quite common, controversy still exists about the treatment. The procedure should cure the patient, and allow speedy resumption of normal activities by reducing pain and disability. This retrospective study was conducted to evaluate our experience with the V-Y fasciocutaneous advancement flap and to review current publications(More)
Obstructive jaundice (OJ) is a severe condition that leads to several complications. One of the important problems in OJ is the increased incidence of endotoxemia, which is the result of bacterial translocation (BT) and defective host immune response. Lipid peroxidation (LP) is an important problem in OJ and sepsis in which nitric oxide (NO) production and(More)
Pancreatic cancer has been linked with exposure to environmental chemicals, which generally require metabolic activation to highly reactive toxic or carcinogenic intermediates. N-acetyltransferase 1 (NAT1) and N-acetyltransferase 2 (NAT2) are expressed primarily in extrahepatic and hepatic tissues, respectively. Both enzymes catalyze N- and O-acetylation of(More)
BACKGROUND Fournier's gangrene (FG) is a rapidly progressive, polymicrobial, synergistic necrotizing fasciitis, and the mortality rate is still high. We aimed to determine the risk factors affecting prognosis and treatment cost. METHODS Eighteen patients operated for FG during 2003-2007 were investigated retrospectively. Surviving and exitus groups were(More)
Morbidity and mortality rates are very high in obstructive jaundice when it is associated with sepsis and multiple organ failure. Nitric oxide (NO) formation and increased expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) also take place in obstructive jaundice (OJ). N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) has a beneficial effect by demonstrating anti-inflammatory(More)
BACKGROUND It has been reported that up to 80% of human cancers arise as a consequence of environmental exposure and host susceptibility factors. Environmental carcinogens are predominantly metabolized by the cytochrome P450 (CYP) superfamily of drug- or xenobiotic-metabolizing enzymes. Genetic variations in these enzymes affect individuals' susceptibility(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS We aimed to determine the progress of lipid peroxidation and ultrastructural changes established in the rat liver after acute bile duct ligation. METHODS Groups A1, B1, C1 and D1 were the controls of groups A2, B2, C2 and D2, which represented the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 8th days after bile duct ligation. Serum bilirubin and malondialdehyde,(More)
Carcinoid tumours of the common bile duct are extremely rare lesions. In this article we report a case with an extrahepatic bile duct carcinoid tumour. A 40-year-old woman suffered from biliary colic and jaundice. Pre-operative computed tomography demonstrated a tumour in the biliary tract. At laparotomy there was a tumour invading the common bile duct.(More)
PURPOSE Bacterial translocation leading to sepsis is increased by obstructive jaundice(OJ). Antithrombin III (ATIII) mediates the promotion of prostaglandin release, an inhibitor of leucocyte activation and downregulator of many proinflammatory cytokines. We investigated the effect of ATIII on histopatology and villus morphology of small intestine. (More)