Musa Bukoma Moya

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We use the Global Diffusion of the Internet (GDI) framework to examine Internet diffusion in Rwanda along six dimensions: Pervasiveness, Geographical Dispersion, Sectoral Absorption, Connectivity Infrastructure, Organizational Infrastructure, and Sophistication of Use. Internet was launched in Rwanda in 1996 with the help of the USAID Leland initiative.(More)
In this paper we introduce a fuzzy version of symport/antiport membrane systems. Our fuzzy membrane systems handle possibly inexact copies of reactives and their rules are endowed with threshold functions that determine whether a rule can be applied or not to a given set of objects, depending of the degree of accuracy of these objects to the reactives(More)
Purpose - This paper aims to investigate the application of business process reengineering (BPR) methodologies to election management more so for underdeveloped countries. The paper assess the extent of application against the limiting factors and proposes a customized BPR methodology that can facilitate electoral process reengineering given the nature and(More)
Information systems (IS) projects, as a result of wide spread usage of the Internet, have been initiated in public Universities and other institutions of learning in developing countries over the past decade as an attempt to improve on public service delivery by investing million of United States (US) dollars in IT infrastructural development. By adopting(More)
This study examined the role of information communication technology (ICT) small and medium enterprises (SMEs) toward job creation in Kampala Uganda through a quantitative survey research design. The study mainly centered on the jobs created by small and medium size enterprises that provided ICT service and/or ICT based products. Primary data were collected(More)
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