Musa Abba Wakil

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Studies of cognitive function in individuals with HIV infection who remain relatively asymptomatic have shown widely variable estimates of impairment in different races and countries. Limited data exist on the impact of early asymptomatic HIV infection on cognition in developing nations, and indeed none from Nigeria. Hence, this cross-sectional study sets(More)
INTRODUCTION Patients with unrecognized psychiatric disorders in general hospitals, suffer economic and psycho-social difficulties. This study aimed to determine (i) prevalence and pattern of psychiatric disorders, and (ii) prevalence of unrecognized psychiatric disorders among adult in-patients of a general hospital. METHODS In this two-stage,(More)
INTRODUCTION Sub-optimal adherence constitutes a significant impediment to the management of severe mental illnesses (SMIs) as it negatively impacts on the course of the illness and the treatment outcome. In this study, the levels of adherence, prevalence and the predictors of sub-optimal adherence were assessed in a sub-Saharan African setting. METHODS(More)
Clinical depression is a highly debilitating illness, which is often under-diagnosed and negatively impacts on the quality of life of its sufferers. When it co-exists with other medical conditions, its effect is even more incapacitating. Undiagnosed depression in the context of HIV infection leads to accelerated decline in CD4+ cell counts with concomitant(More)
OBJECTIVE There is a paucity of literature on consultation-liaison psychiatry, in northern Nigeria. This study aimed to determine both the pattern of psychiatric referrals, and the attitudes of doctors toward the treatment of mental disorders in a teaching hospital, in northeast Nigeria. METHOD In this cross-sectional survey, we used a modified version of(More)
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