Murvet Kirci

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Nowadays, biometric recognition systems become very popular in security applications. There are many biometric features which can be used for this purpose, such as iris, finger prints, face, etc. Ear is also a biometric feature. Because of its advantages, many scientists tend to work on this, as well. So in this paper, an embedded ear recognition system is(More)
This work classifies the ship types from color images by using cameras mounted on ships. Our data set contains 10 different ship types. The synthetic images used for training imported from Google 3D Warehouse. Test data set imported from Google Images and contains real ship images. This work aims to classify real ship images by using synthetic images. We(More)
Despite increasing three dimensional recognition rate in ear biometric, there is need for special equipment to three dimensional image. Ear biometrics recognition rate was obtained high success by combined distinctive common vector approach methods with support vector machines in two-dimensional low-resolution cameras used surveillance and security system.(More)
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