Murugesan Anitha

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– IP multicasting, on par with unicast, is a powerful solution to one-to-many and many-to-many communication. The challenges faced while implementing it includes slow deployment due to the infrastructure changes needed and the address resolution problem. Hence this does not suit the current growing applications over the internet such as peer-to-peer file(More)
Transmission congestion management is one of the critical and important tasks of the system operator. Transmission line congestion is considered to be more important as it may initiate the cascading outages which forces the system to collapse. This paper presents a transmission congestion management (CM) algorithm by optimal rescheduling of active powers of(More)
— Reliable channel estimation is an essential task in the development of receivers for multiple input multiple output (MIMO) finite ad hoc networks. The major problem in the estimation of channel coefficients in a MIMO ad hoc network is the interference from the other nodes. In this paper, channel estimation is performed for a finite MIMO ad hoc network(More)
The problem of detecting and eliminating duplicated data is one of the major problems in the broad area of data cleaning and data quality in data warehouse. Many times, the same logical real world entity may have multiple representations in the data warehouse. Duplicate elimination is hard because it is caused by several types of errors like typographical(More)
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