Murugappan Palaniappan

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Scheduling group meetings requires access to participants' calendars, typically located in scattered pockets or desks. Placing participants' calendars on-line and using a rule-based scheduler to find a time slot would alleviate the problem to some extent, but it often is difficult to trust the results, because correct scheduling rules are elusive, varying(More)
The Envoy Framework addresses a need for computer-based assistants or agents that operate in conjunction with users' existing applications, helping them perform tedious, repetitive, or time-consuming tasks more easily and efficiently. Envoys carry out missions for users by invoking envoy-aware applications called operatives and inform users of mission(More)
nternet users today need to share multimedia data like text graphics, spreadsheets, and images as much as they need to share ASCII text.' Currently, multimedia documents are often transmitted in printed form via fax and express mail. However, sharing electronically stored data in electronic form is more efficient than in printed form. Accessing and(More)
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