Murugan Kumar

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The aim of this study was to analyze and characterize the diversity of culturable thermotolerant bacteria in Manikaran hot springs. A total of 235 isolates were obtained employing different media, and screened for temperature tolerance (40 °C–70 °C). A set of 85 isolates tolerant to 45 °C or above were placed in 42 phylogenetic clusters after amplified(More)
The diversity of culturable, aerobic and heterotrophic Bacillus and Bacillus-derived genera (BBDG) was investigated in various extreme environments (including thermal springs, cold deserts, mangroves, salt lakes, arid regions, salt pans and acidic soils) of India. Heat treatment followed by enrichment in different media led to a total of 893 bacterial(More)
A set of thermotolerant strains isolated from hot springs of Manikaran and Bakreshwar (India) were selected with an aim to isolate dnak gene which encodes DnaK protein. The gene dnaK along with its flanking region was successfully amplified from 5 different strains (4 from Bakreshwar and one from Manikaran). Restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP)(More)
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