Murthy A Vairavamurthy

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Radioactive strontium (90Sr) is an important constituent of the complex wastes from past nuclear weapons production and has been stored in underground tanks at U.S. DOE sites (e.g., Hanford, WA). Using bulk and microfocused EXAFS spectroscopy, we examined temporal changes in solid-phase Sr speciation in kaolinite samples reacted for 1-369 d with high-pH,(More)
Heavy metal resistance by bacteria is a topic of much importance to the bioremediation of contaminated soils and sediments. We report here the isolation of a highly cadmium-resistant Klebsiella planticola strain, Cd-1, from reducing salt marsh sediments. The strain grows in up to 15 mM CdCl(2) under a wide range of NaCl concentrations and at acidic or(More)
Cesium adsorption on the clay minerals vermiculite and montmorillonite is described as a function of surface coverage using extended X-ray adsorption fine structure spectroscopy (EXAFS). Cesium (Cs) possessed a variable coordination environment consisting of Cs-O distances between 3.2 and 4.3 A; however, disorder typical of the Cs coordination environments(More)
Using EXAFS, we investigated the changes in the local structure of Cd(II) complexes formed with a series of low-molecular-weight thiols at different thiol/cadmium stoichiometries. For dilute solutions, a comparison of theoretical and experimental standards proved the latter approach superior. The number of bound oxygen atoms decreased while the number of(More)
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