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Size is the first, and at times, the only dimension that leaps out at the mention of big data. This paper attempts to offer a broader definition of big data that captures its other unique and defining characteristics. The rapid evolution and adoption of big data by industry has leapfrogged the discourse to popular outlets, forcing the academic press to(More)
This study attempts to identify significant factors that affect the severity of drivers' injuries when colliding with trains at railroad-grade crossings by analyzing the individual-specific heterogeneity related to those factors over a period of 15 years. Both fixed-parameter and random-parameter ordered regression models were used to analyze records of all(More)
Urban transport in Lima and Callao is characterized by severe traffic congestion, very high rates of traffic-related accidents and mortality, and pollution resulting from mobile emission sources. The provision of public transport is in complete disarray, while transport infrastructure investments have lagged behind rapidly growing d emand for transport(More)
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