Murtaza Akhter

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Schizencephaly (SCH) is a rare disorder of cerebral cortical development, characterized by full thickness clefts spanning the wall of the cerebral hemispheres that are lined and surrounded by polymicrogyric cortex. Based on pathological analysis, SCH was originally considered to have multiple causes including infectious and vascular injuries, and toxic(More)
Rapid reversal of coagulopathy is recommended in warfarin-associated intracerebral hemorrhage (WAICH). However, rapid correction of the INR has not yet been proven to improve clinical outcomes, and the rate of correction with fresh-frozen plasma (FFP) can be variable. We sought to determine whether faster INR reversal with FFP is associated with decreased(More)
A multi-sided platform (MSP) serves as an intermediary for two or more groups of customers who are linked by indirect network effects. Recent research has found that MSPs are significant in many industries and that some standard economic results—such as the Lerner Index—do not apply to them, in material ways, without some significant modification to take(More)
INTRODUCTION Physicians dedicate substantial time to documentation. Scribes are sometimes used to improve efficiency by performing documentation tasks, although their impacts have not been prospectively evaluated. Our objective was to assess a scribe program's impact on emergency department (ED) throughput, physician time utilization, and job satisfaction(More)
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