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  • Samuel K Eldersveldt, Michael A Saunderst, Gill, Murray, Wright Saunders, J Siam +3 others
Stable and efficient updates to the basis matrix factors are vital to the simplex method. The "best" updating method depends on the machine in use and how the update is implemented. For example, the classical product-form update can take advantage of the vector hardware on current supercomputers, and this helps compensate for its well-known drawbacks.(More)
Isolable, water-soluble gold clusters protected by monolayers of tiopronin (tiopronin-MPCs) or coenzyme A (CoA-MPCs) were synthesized by a procedure of comparable simplicity to the Brust synthesis for alkanethiolate monolayer-protected gold clusters. High-resolution transmission electron microscopy shows that, like their alkanethiolate-MPC counterparts, the(More)
Our research interests are the structural study of biological assemblies by application of biophysical and biochemical methods. More specifically, we apply techniques of high resolution electron microscopy and digital image processing to study the structures of biological macromolecules, macromolecular assemblies, and whole organelles. Currently we are(More)
  • Kevin T Davis, Jeffrey Deborah Brodsky, Chapman, D Jeffrey, Hildebrand, A Sandra +5 others
  • 2004
This thesis explores the theory that gap junctions play a role in adrenocortical homeostasis and function. To test this hypothesis, gap junction mediated communication was investigated in the intact adrenal gland. In addition, to determine the impact of altered adrenal trophic state on gap junction distribution and expression, adrenal glands from(More)
  • Aho, Av Hopcroft, Ullman, J D The Design, Bentley, Friedman +14 others
  • 1976
Algorithms and data structures for range searching. On the average number of maxima in a set of vectors and applications. Efficient worst-case data structures for range searching. A near optimal data structure for a type of range query problem. A recursive partitioning decision rule for nonparametric classification. On finding the maxima of a set of(More)
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