Murray White

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Architectural analysis was applied to study branch development of 'Royal Gala' apple trees grafted with dwarfing and non-dwarfing rootstock/interstock combinations, which had been chosen to produce trees with a wide range of vigour. Using AMAPmod methodology, the structure of 3-year-old branches was described at four levels of representation: branch; annual(More)
In four experiments, participants made speeded same-different responses to pairs of face photographs showing the same woman or different women with the same expression or different expressions. Compared with responses to positive pairs, negative pairs were matched more slowly on identity than on expression. A secondary finding showed that face expressions(More)
Matching the emotional expressions of pairs of face photos was slower with pixelated and blurred photos than with original, untransformed photos. Matching the identities of the same face pairs was unaffected by pixelation and blurring. Because pixelation and blurring degrade higher spatial frequencies carrying edge-based information that define feature(More)
In a face photo in which the two eyes have been moved up into the forehead region, configural spatial relations are altered more than categorical relations; in a photo in which only one eye is moved up, categorical relations are altered more. Matching the identities of two faces was slower when an unaltered photo was paired with a two-eyes-moved photo than(More)
Inversion interferes with the encoding of configural and holistic information more than it does with the encoding of explicitly represented and isolated parts. Accordingly, if facial expressions are explicitly represented in the face representation, their recognition should not be greatly affected by face orientation. In the present experiment, response(More)
Matching photos of famous people's faces with their names was as fast with photos that had eyebrows masked by adhesive plaster as with unretouched original photos. But matching was slower with photos that had eyebrows erased and replaced with adjacent skin texture and colour than with original photos. The conjecture that erasure impairs recognition because(More)
The perceived lightness of grey bars within grey-white and grey-black square-wave test gratings was measured in the presence of different surrounding regions (plain black, plain white, or black-white square-wave gratings). The results for the grey-white test gratings are explained in terms of three separate processes: (i) lightness contrast; (ii) lightness(More)
  • Murray White
  • Canadian journal of experimental psychology…
  • 1995
The categorical relation between a target word and a flanking, to-be-ignored, nontarget word can influence target response. Although usually taken as evidence of a full and automatic analysis of stimuli whether or not they have been attended, this flanker effect may only point to the failure of focused attention when nontarget stimuli have been primed and(More)
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