Murray Wallace

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BACKGROUND Carnitine palmitoyltransferase II (CPT II) deficiency is an important cause of recurrent rhabdomyolysis in children and adults. Current treatment includes dietary fat restriction, with increased carbohydrate intake and exercise restriction to avoid muscle pain and rhabdomyolysis. METHODS CPT II enzyme assay, DNA mutation analysis, quantitative(More)
BACKGROUND The use of opioid analgesics for patients with chronic nonmalignant pain is becoming more widely accepted, and long-acting formulations are an important treatment option. AIM To assess conversion to extended-release OROS hydromorphone from previous stable opioid agonist therapy in patients with chronic nonmalignant pain of moderate-to-severe(More)
BACKGROUND The concept of a dual-mobility hip socket involves the standard femoral head component encased in a larger polyethylene liner, which in turn articulates inside a metal shell implanted in the native acetabulum. The aim of this study was to assess outcomes from using a Serf Novae(®) Dual Mobility Acetabular cup (Orthodynamics Ltd, Gloucestershire,(More)
Twenty patients with signs of tardive dyskinesia secondary to antipsychotic medication participated in a double blind, controlled, parallel group study comparing codergocrine mesylate 4.5 mg once daily with a placebo. After 6 weeks medication a reduction in dyskinetic scores occurred in both groups, but at the end of a further 6-week period the patients on(More)
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