Murray Wallace

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BACKGROUND The use of opioid analgesics for patients with chronic nonmalignant pain is becoming more widely accepted, and long-acting formulations are an important treatment option. AIM To assess conversion to extended-release OROS hydromorphone from previous stable opioid agonist therapy in patients with chronic nonmalignant pain of moderate-to-severe(More)
BACKGROUND The concept of a dual-mobility hip socket involves the standard femoral head component encased in a larger polyethylene liner, which in turn articulates inside a metal shell implanted in the native acetabulum. The aim of this study was to assess outcomes from using a Serf Novae(®) Dual Mobility Acetabular cup (Orthodynamics Ltd, Gloucestershire,(More)
Twenty patients with signs of tardive dyskinesia secondary to antipsychotic medication participated in a double blind, controlled, parallel group study comparing codergocrine mesylate 4.5 mg once daily with a placebo. After 6 weeks medication a reduction in dyskinetic scores occurred in both groups, but at the end of a further 6-week period the patients on(More)
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