Murray S. Mazer

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This paper describes an innovative approach for groups to create and share commentary about the content of documents accessible via the World Wide Web. In particular, the system described supports the creation, presentation, and control of user-created meta-information, which is displayed with the corresponding documents but stored separately from them. The(More)
CaubwebTM is a research system that allows a user to create local collections of Web documents on the user's computer, for access to those collections when disconnected. The system is part of a project investigating ways to provide adaptive, ongoing read and update interaction with Web-based information, even under conditions of variable or intermittent(More)
We are interested in commitment problems in potentially faulty distributed environments; for such problems, the behaviour of failed processes during recovery is relevant to consistency. In particular, we examine negotiated commitment, which is the problem of ensuring that each participant in a negotiation reaches a consistent local decision on the outcome.(More)
The World Wide Web has exploded as a medium for sharing information in a relatively simple, easy-to-use, and appealing manner, Technology for accessing Web resources has naturally evolved to support disconnected viewing of cached pages normally residing on servers around the world, and much attention has been given to providing this capability. The Web was(More)
A message management system is an office information system for managing structured messages, integrating the facilities of computer-based message systems and database management systems, and adding to them the capability of "intelligent" handling of messages. This allows the office information system to support messages tha t can use information about(More)
We present the rudiments of a new theory of tasks and task views. The motivating idea is essentially as follows: in an environment in which several organizational agents cooperate to accomplish a common task, each of the agents need only know its own part of the task — this is the agent's task view. The underlying computer system may take(More)