Murray S. Klamkin

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A homogeneous convex centrosymmetric body with constant thermal properties is initially at temperature zero and its boundary is maintained at a temperature Tb > 0. Prove or disprove that at any time t > 0, the point of minimum temperature is the center. Also, prove or disprove that the isothermal surfaces are convex and centrosymmetric. Note that the(More)
In the problem of the month 1999 : 106], one was to prove that p a + b ; c + p b + c ; a + p c + a ; b p a + p b + p c , where a, b, c are sides of a triangle. It is to be noted that this inequality will follow immediately from the Majorization Inequality 1]. Here, if A and B are vectors (a 1 a 2 : : : a n), we say that A majorizes B and write it as A B.(More)
There c annot be anyone involved in mathematical problem solving in any serious way who has not heard of Murray Klamkin. This issue of Crux Mathematicorum with Mathematical Mayhem is dedicated to a c elebration of Murray's 80 th birthday. We are delighted to t ake this opportunity t o acknowledge the many, many contributions that Murray has made, and to r(More)