Murray S. Craig

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The authors describe an addition to the conversation regarding enhanced democracy through technologically-assisted means (e-Democracy) focusing on enhancing and expanding the typically unidirectional flow of statutes and procedural documentation from government to individuals. A new knowledge creation application is described that significantly improves the(More)
The R-GMA (Relational Grid Monitoring Architecture) was developed within the EU DataGrid project, to bring the power of SQL to an information and monitoring system for the grid. It provides producer and consumer services to both publish and retrieve information from anywhere within a grid environment. Users within a Virtual Organization may define their own(More)
R-GMA is a relational implementation of the GGF's Grid Monitoring Architecture (GMA). In some respects it can be seen as a virtual database (VDB), supporting the publishing and retrieval of time-stamped tuples. The scope of an R-GMA installation is defined by its schema and registry. The schema holds the table definitions and, in future, the authorization(More)
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