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BACKGROUND Comparative analysis of RNA sequences is the basis for the detailed and accurate predictions of RNA structure and the determination of phylogenetic relationships for organisms that span the entire phylogenetic tree. Underlying these accomplishments are very large, well-organized, and processed collections of RNA sequences. This data, starting(More)
INTRODUCTION This compilation is part of an ongoing effort to maintain a comprehensive and continually updated collection of large subunit (LSU; 23S and 23S-like) rRNA secondary structures and associated sequence and citation information. Table 1 gives a breakdown of the number and phylogenetic distribution of sequences currently in this LSU rRNA database.(More)
The mitochondrial genome of Plasmodium falciparum encodes highly fragmented rRNAs. Twenty small RNAs which are putative rRNA fragments have been found and 15 of them have been identified as corresponding to specific regions of rRNA sequence. To investigate the possible interactions between the fragmented rRNAs in the ribosome, we have mapped the ends of(More)
BACKGROUND Dinoflagellates comprise an ecologically significant and diverse eukaryotic phylum that is sister to the phylum containing apicomplexan endoparasites. The mitochondrial genome of apicomplexans is uniquely reduced in gene content and size, encoding only three proteins and two ribosomal RNAs (rRNAs) within a highly compacted 6 kb DNA.(More)
Editorial note The original article [1] can be viewed at .. Correction In addition to the previously noted sources of funding for this project, the CRW project is also supported from the National Science Foundation (MCB-0110252). Verbatim copying and redistribution of this article are permitted in any medium for any purpose, provided this notice is(More)
We have identified previously in mitochondrial DNA of the colorless, chlorophycean, green algal taxon, Polytomella parva, potential coding regions for four small subunit (SSU) and eight large subunit (LSU) rRNA fragments. In this study with P.parva, we isolated RNA from a mitochondrial-enriched preparation, characterized the 12 mitochondrial rRNA(More)
We have determined the sequences of the 3'-terminal approximately 100 nucleotides of [5' -32P]pCp-labeled wheat mitochondrial, wheat cytosol, and E. coli small sub-unit rRNAs. Sequence comparison demonstrates that within this region, there is a substantially greater degree of homology between wheat mitochondrial 18S and E. coli 16S rRNAs than between either(More)
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