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We make use of a result of Hurwitz and Reznick [8] [19], and a consequence of this result due to Fidalgo and Kovacec [5], to determine a new sufficient condition for a polynomial f ∈ R[X 1 ,. .. , X n ] of even degree to be a sum of squares. This result generalizes a result of Lasserre in [10] and a result of Fidalgo and Kovacec in [5], and it also(More)
2000] are a first-order axiomatization of the theory of quadratic forms. In Section 2 we investigate reduced special groups (RSG) which are a lattice under their natural representation partial order (for motivation see Open Problem 1, Introduction); we show that this lattice property is preserved under most of the standard constructions on RSGs; in(More)
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