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A case of solitary cecal ulcer with major hemorrhage followed by perforation after treatment with intra-arterial vasopressin in a patient with end-stage renal failure is presented. Though vasopressin has been used with success in the treatment of colonic hemorrhage, caution should be applied in patients with a bleeding cecal ulcer as the vasoconstriction(More)
records of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance is that they enable us to study not the learned culture but the beliefs and views of the common people. Were it not for the fact that so many were hauled before the Inquisitorial courts, we would have had very little evidence about them at all. In this particular case, these sources are of inestimable value(More)
Paraileostomy ulcers (PSU) are uncommon after construction of an ileostomy and are difficult to manage. Seventeen patients with Crohn's disease developed 28 parastomal ulcers at least 1.5 cm in diameter from two weeks to seven years after ileostomy construction (mean 45.6 weeks, median 8 weeks). Some patients had multiple episodes of parastomal ulceration.(More)
The pandemic, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) has been described in 40 nations throughout the world. This paper describes the wide spectrum of gastrointestinal tract manifestations seen in this syndrome, with particular attention to the epidemiology, etiology, and measurement of these problems. Discussion of candidiasis, herpes simplex, "hairy"(More)
The healing of those hurt by war can take different forms, ranging from violence and vengeance to psychotherapy and humanitarian aid imposed from outside. This healing has been widely and critically discussed in the literature. Instead, the focus here is more on the way communities try to heal themselves long after the outside world has lost interest. In(More)
The paper describes, for the Hausa farmers of Gidan Jatau in northern Nigeria, the distinct ways in which they see and understand (a) their close and distant environment and (b) their bodies' anatomy and physiology. These ways result in 'another geography' - of both space and being - which, however, may no longer now have the resonance it had in the early(More)
Save the Children Fund in 1923 and UNICEF in 1990 both declared that children must come first in receiving relief. Whereas SCF's call was a corporate credo for the world, for use whenever disaster struck, UNICEF's was offered as a strategic policy document applicable at all times. In contrast, the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, as a(More)
Since its inception in 1957 the BMA's annual film competition has fulfilled three roles--promoting the effective use of film and video in medical education, encouraging the production of high quality audiovisual material, and helping to increase the holdings of its film library. The BMA awards recognise programmes for their clinical accuracy, educational(More)
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