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The spine is a common site of bony metastasis. To date, studies have not identified the initial site and pattern of vertebral metastasis in a homogeneous group of patients. Twenty-seven magnetic resonance imaging studies performed on 25 patients with metastatic vertebral breast cancer were reviewed retrospectively. The location and extent of metastatic(More)
At one time, risk management meant buying corporate insurance, implementing procedures to avoid lawsuits and accidents, and installing safety equipment. The new risk management uses financial markets to hedge different sources of risk within the firm. Trading in financial markets can hedge companies against the risk of changes in interest rates, input(More)
Government planning is a centralized process in which economic decisions are made in the form of governmental edicts; business planning is a decentralized process where the individual consumer makes choices. The author states that adopting a form of centralized planning could result in society moving away from market freedoms and toward greater governmental(More)