Murray Heymann

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Discrete-Event processes are modeled by state-machines in the Ramadge-Wonham framework with control by a feedback event-disablement mechanism. In this paper concepts of stabilization of discrete-event processes are defined and investigated. We examine the possibility of driving a process (under control) from arbitrary initial states to a prescribed subset(More)
In this paper, we will incrementally build a complete pursuit algorithm to deal with a 2-players PEG in presence of a single unknown convex obstacle. We will first provide a sufficient condition to achieve capture without disappearance. Then, we will solve the circular obstacle problem, a particular problem highlighting a necessary trade-off between(More)
event list = f new event g while event list 6 = ; do select event forall its transitions do evaluate condition if condition satissed then deactivate source execute action activate destination add raised events to list end if end forall end while end when 22 becomes too high. Before reaching that point it may be necessary, in the case of high precision(More)
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